10 Step Video Series

Self-Paced, Interactive Leadership Development Program for Women ~ Get the Job!

I developed the “Get the Job 10 Step Video” series after 30 years of working with global corporations as well as small startup companies.  As a high-performance employee, I was frustrated by how much time I was spending thinking about “how to get promoted” and “why I didn’t get the promotion.” With most things in life, we grow wiser when things don’t go perfectly. So I got curious,

“What could I do to not feel victimized by the glass ceiling or other company metrics, policies or people on my journey?”  

What I learned was it wasn’t about “How” or “Why.”   Until I could answer the questions “Who Am I” and “What Do I Want,” I was the one holding myself back!   When you answer these questions you will become completely empowered to have the career and life of your dreams.

10 Step On-Line

 Self-Paced Video

Coaching Series

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Every Step of the Way!

This 10 Step Video Program is designed for women on the move who want the insider secrets to get there faster.  It was developed based on my involvement in women’s organizations around the world.  Those who have read the book or completed the video series, share "it feels like they’re getting advice from a sister or friend over a cup of coffee.”

I am passionate about standing with women to “Have it All—On their Terms.”  I created this video series because many women cannot afford an executive coach and they deserve to have someone on their journey to create the career of their dreams, and more importantly, the life of their dreams. 

The self-paced video coaching program includes:  10 video modules, a comprehensive workbook, one page summary guide for your day planner, e-book of Why You Didn’t Get the Job, and a one-on-one video coaching experience to take you through 10 steps including:

Step 1:  “Who Are You” And “What Do You Want? (Self-Awareness)
Step 2:  Knowing Your Value To Leaders (Goal Alignment)
Step 3:  Creating Executive Presence (Your Brand)
Step 4:  Putting Yourself First (Health and Well-Being)
Step 5:  Leading From The Front (Your Leadership Style)
Step 6:  Meeting People Where They Are (Inclusion & Diversity)
Step 7:  Understanding & Managing Conflict (Leading through Adversity)
Step 8:  360° Leaders Give Back (Mentoring and Philanthropy)
Step 9:  Relationships With A Purpose (Networking & Sponsorship)
Step 10: Navigating Your Entire Journey (Being Corporate Savvy)
    It’s up to you to continually invest in yourself.  If you don’t want to waste years trying to figure it out, or make costly mistakes to your career — this program is for you!  Gain instant access to this program, go at your own pace, and create the entire plan you need to get the promotion and get the job you want!

    I'm grateful that my insights have been featured nationally on Bloomberg TV, Fox News Channel, International Business Times, CEO Magazine, and CBSMoneywatch.com! I truly hope you will take advantage of my 30 years of experience in corporate America, working in some of America's top businesses as a CEO and international executive coach.

    Get The Job! Provides insider secrets of what TO DO, and NOT DO in this step-by-step online coaching program.  

    I can’t wait to be a part of your Journey to the Top!


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