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Be Bold. 

Be Fearless.
Be Unstoppable!
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Why You Didn't Get the Job

10 Steps for Success in Business ~ A Woman's Guide to Navigating Her Way to the Top

This book is designed for the smart, savvy businesswoman who has what it takes to achieve her full potential, knows there is more, and wants to get there faster.  Imagine how it would feel to get what you deserve, not just what you need. Where would you direct your life if you knew you couldn’t fail? What would be possible if you had insider secrets on how to land your next big promotion?

In Why You Didn’t Get the Job, Diane Cashin, a business strategist and executive transformation expert, explains how your journey to the executive suite does not have to be a struggle. This powerful executive pays it forward with 10 action steps on how to get what you want. The strategies she offers are based on 30 years of leadership experience working with some of corporate America’s biggest names including Cisco, Lockheed Martin, Siemens and The Department of Veterans Affairs.

Diane shares real-life, hidden techniques that empower you to immediately take control of your future and become unstoppable.  Through self-awareness, honesty, empowerment, and velocity, discover how to accelerate your way to an executive-level position.  You will achieve life-changing breakthroughs by removing roadblocks and facing candid, sometimes uncomfortable insights that will propel you forward. It is the ultimate woman’s leadership guide to navigate your way to the top and enjoy every step of your journey.

If you want results as fast as possible, let this book be your personal guide. Join the movement to build the next wave of women executives who will transform the business landscape.  Be Bold.  Be Fearless. Be Unstoppable!


Reviews from Women Leaders:

“Why You Didn’t Get the Job provides valuable insights for women to take educated risks that make a difference to the business and the team, be an authentic leader by staying true to yourself and your beliefs, lead from the front and from behind regardless of your title, and always have fun on your journey.”

Patrice Flack-D’Eramo, Vice President of Americas Field Marketing, Cisco

“It is a proven fact that businesses that embrace, endorse and promote women into key leadership positions out preform those that don’t. No one better understands the challenge and the sacrifice of balancing career achievement with a happy, healthy home than a single mom. Never have I felt more empowered and critical to the success of my business then spending time with my children. Diane captures elements facing executive woman with a degree of candor and experience that is truly validating and inspiring.” 

Annie Williams, 
Vice President, Strategic Development Public Sector, Terremark a Verizon Company

“Diane has created an insightful 10 step journey for women seeking to advance their careers. This book captures the true essence of taking ownership of our own success, empowering ourselves and creating a path to achieve our dreams. Read it, reflect and step into your greatness as an executive!” 

Brenda Dennis,
Senior Director of Strategy & Planning, Cisco Global Enterprise

“Diane shares unique insights on 10 key steps business women can take to establish their leadership, create a connected community and deliver effective outcomes.” 

Luanne Tierney, 
Vice-President Worldwide Partner Marketing, Juniper

“Women leaders possess the innate ability to adapt in different business environments by leveraging their socials skills for conflict resolution, nurturing their team and leading with compassion. The 10 steps for success in Why You Didn’t Get the Job, provides unique insights for women to confidently move to the executive level. The insights provided will create the next generation of women leaders, faster.” 

Dalila Bonilla Wortman, 
Director of Engineering & Strategic Technical Workforce Capabilities - 
Lockheed Martin, Information Systems and Global Solutions

“This wonderful 10 step program provides a powerful way to help busy women get their next promotion.”  

Rima Alameddine, 
Director, Cisco Enterprise New York 

“The key to being a successful leader is taking advantage of opportunities. Why You Didn’t Get the Job presents women with the opportunity to open the doors to the executive suite.” 

Kathy Johnson-Friendly, 
CSC Global Security Solutions, North America Operations

“Getting ahead in business is a game. Why You Didn’t’ Get the Job is your “rule book” or “roadmap” for how to navigate your path to success.” 

Ellen Lail, 
Vice-President of Sales, VCE, Inc.
BlueInk Book Review:

Why You Didn’t Get The Job: Ten Steps for Success in Business, A Woman’s Guide to Navigating Her Way to the Top
Author:  Diane Cashin
AuthorHouse, 978-1-4772-7425-5
    (Reviewed: December 2012)

President and CEO of executive-coaching firm True North Enterprise, Diane Cashin identifies herself as a business strategist and executive-transformation expert rather than an executive coach. From the opening pages to the concluding chapters of Why You Didn’t Get The Job, Cashin offers strategies that help women not only achieve their goals, but also transform themselves by understanding the road they have to travel to reach them.

Cashin has created a customizable career strategy based upon her own experiences. This is real-world advice from the product of a poor inner-city Philadelphia neighborhood who discovered that her “insatiable desire” to survive, learn and build a productive and meaningful life fueled and energized her to overcome all obstacles in her way. What better way to learn than by example? Her underlying message: if she can reach her goals, so can her readers. And making it in the tough, fiercely competitive corporate world doesn’t mean women have to emulate men. Instead, they must understand the differences in their communication, networking, conflict-resolution and negotiating styles so that they can fine-tune their strategies without compromising their values.

What makes this short guide unusual is the author’s candid, straight-on approach to a big subject that has too-often been diluted with formulaic, factory-style advice that’s top-heavy in corporate-speak and clichés. Its special value-added elements are the exercises that help readers forge their own road map based upon their needs, aspirations and lifestyles, leading to self-realization and discovering what Cashin calls their “authentic selves.” Cashin also includes a useful “Leadership Library,” a listing of her favorite books on the same subject.

BlueInk Heads-Up: This book is highly recommended for women with executive aspirations. Libraries and women’s organizations and associations will want to consider acquiring a copy.  Also available in hardcover.

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