Consulting Services

Consulting Services

Strategic Planning:

Vision Statement and Mission Statement:

  • Do your Vision and Mission align with your Target Markets?

Strategy, Operations and Execution Alignment to Vision & Mission:

  • Between your Vision and Mission and the customer's delight, lies a tremendous amount of work to operationalize your team to executive with success. 
  • Many organizations go directly from strategy to execution often to find a frustrated front-line team trying to deliver and a customer at risk of having a poor interaction with your organization.

Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats:

  • Clarity about the customer, market conditions, competition and vulnerabilities to your success is critical. 
  • Taking time to plan and analyze where to have the most impact is an important investment.

Operational Optimization:

Marketing, Business Development and Sales Optimization:

  • Are your Marketing Campaigns and Messages in support of your Vision and Mission?
  • Can your Business Development and Sales Leadership articulate your vision?
  • Can you clearly see a line-of-sight from your strategy through operations and execution as one integrated Marketing and Sales Team?
  • Can you accurately report on your return on your investment and sales pipeline for your marketing and sales investment?
  • Does Marketing value the sales team's ability?  Does sales value the marketing teams ability to generate opportunities?
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