"Get the Job of Your Dreams" Career Workshop!

The Ultimate "Get the Job of Your Dreams" Workshop!

  • Are you ready for a change in your career?
  • Are you tired of suffering at work?
  • Do you want more out of your career and do you want it now?  
  • Are you a college graduate who is unsure of how to land your first job?
  • Do you feel trapped, stuck or at risk of changes in your company?
  • Have you recently lost your job?
It’s time to transform your career and lifestyle!  Gain control of your life, define how you want to live, get your next big promotion and get a raise!   But, the question is always “HOW?”  That’s where I come in.   
The catalyst for many of my clients retaining me as their executive coach was because they had enough – they were unhappy with their current position, manager or company and knew they needed a clear plan to get their next big promotion.  They are now in complete control of their strategy and are in action to make it happen!     
If you want to create the career of your dreams AND have it all, "on your terms," spend 3 hours with me and you will get clarity to develop a career plan that includes:
Your Perfect Career Choice:  Identify the ideal career for you, based on who you are and what you want in your life.  You’ll get the clarity to pursue the career of your dreams and “Get the Job” you deserve!  We’ll identify where your gaps are so you can address them and any risks so you can avoid them!
Getting Sponsored:  Determine who are the best sponsors for you to achieve your goals and how to enroll them to support you!  This goes far beyond networking!  How to use social media for research and to make impactful connections.
Your Resume and The Interview:  Learn how to nail the interview and leave them wanting more…and guess what, it’s not about you!
(I’ll explain how that works too!)
Negotiation:  Discover the negotiating techniques and strategies you need to get the salary you deserve, need and want.
You aren’t an expert in changing jobs because it happens infrequently, but you have to know how to cultivate and win the position!  This workshop will differentiate you from other candidates and leave them amazed!
Get insider secrets, techniques and tips used by hiring managers!  During the workshop, you will leave with a detailed career plan, tools and techniques to "Get the Job" of your dreams.  You will also learn the importance of not only being great at what you do, but who you are being, that is the game changer!
In addition to the 3-hour workshop and comprehensive career workbook to "Get the Job," I have included a personal one-on-one consultation (a $250 value) to review your plan and provide you with direct, candid and honest feedback that others may not share with you that can be holding you back!
Here’s to having the career of your dreams and, even more so, the life of your dreams!
Weekday Sessions: Tuesdays & Wednesdays
 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM EST
 May & June

Weekend Sessions: 
  9:00 AM to 12:00 PM
  May 10, June 7 & 14
Investment: $250.00
(Includes a private one-on-one executive coach session!)


Click Here to Purchase!  You will receive:
  1. The Workshop Web Conference details
  2. A link to download "Your Personal Career Plan Workbook"  -- includes many hidden secrets and techniques to differentiate you!
  3. A link to schedule your one-on-one consultation with me to review your career action plan!

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