Programs and Workshops

Our Unique Approach ~ We combine customized, transformational education with focused personalized outcomes.

Our approach to providing transformational education is a blend of consulting and coaching. What makes this unique is our ability to look at business outcomes and goals (consulting) and create a custom program that provides a structure for the individual to look at their unique attributes and to achieve those outcomes (coaching). The environment is simultaneously interactive and introspective, providing a structure for optimum learning. Each participant will learn how to become aware of their own limitations revealing when and how they get stuck or stopped at any point in the business, their career or their life (often originating from fear). Leveraging this awareness, the participants learn how to create new structures to break through these limitations. Each participant will leave the program with unique insights about themselves to help them achieve what they want in business and in life.

True North works with organizations to custom develop Leadership Development Programs by identifying the gaps that are preventing them from moving from "where they are" and "where they want to go."  In addition to our custom designed services, one of our packaged programs may work for you.

Ala Carte Leadership Development Program

Select one or you can bundle a few of them together for half or full day workshops!

Leadership Transformation Boot Camp for Women!

This two day workshop is designed for managers and directors who are on the move and don't have a lot of time on their hands.  You will be treated like a high-power executive while you explore areas for your transformation.  It's powerful, impactful and a lot of fun too.  You'll return to the office with everyone noticing a difference in who you are being and how you show up as a leader!

Women Standing with Women ~ Leadership Development Program

For organization and women's groups that want to bring continuity to their investment in their Inclusion and Diversity goals.  This program is designed with a wholistic approach and creates a sustained and connected community for women to support each other to experience their transformation is a safe, trusted environment.  The workshops are facilitated by an executive coach so each person creates their unique transformation to step into being a leader.  Powerful, Impactful and Transformational for Women's networks to align with their organizations Inclusion and Diversity goals.

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